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Easy gin basil mojitos

Today we had our friends Ryan and Cyndi and their little boy over for dinner. Their kiddo was very well behaved. Meanwhile my two-year-old got wild and crazy and ran around without a diaper or pants for most of the night. Luckily for our sanity, we kept the menu super simple. Cyndi brought over a very […]

Daytime “date night” in St. Paul’s East Side

Today was date night. Well, sort of. Last time our sitter was over our two-year-old terrorized her and the baby cried the whole time. So, today I had her come over during nap time. Andy and I did not have much of a plan for where to go. Long story short, we ended up in […]

Crunchy veggie & pineapple quinoa salad with basil

If I ask my two-year-old what we should have for dinner, he’ll likely reply “White wice peese, Mommy.” Since white rice is probably not the healthiest grain to be feeding him on a regular basis, the other day I set about coming up with something a little healthier that might pass for rice. My mom […]

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