Rhubarb & basil soda

Okay, I am going to try get back into this blog again. Really.

So here’s a post to kick off the long-overdue warm weather here in Minnesota. I mixed up the syrup for this concoction this afternoon and got to enjoy the soda all by myself (with a splash of tequila) while my husband took the kids to the park. Does it get any better?

Rhubarb & basil soda

Rhubarb & basil soda

Rhubarb and basil soda:
3 cups chopped rhubarb
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups water
10 basil leaves
2 droppers of Bittercube Jamaica #1 bitters (optional)
seltzer or club soda

Simmer rhubarb, sugar and water for about 15 minutes until syrup is a pretty pink and the rhubarb is mostly dissolved. Strain syrup into a jar. Rub basil leaves together to release their oils and steep leaves in warm syrup for about 30 minutes. Fish the basil leaves out of the syrup. Add 2 droppers of Bittercube Jamaica #1 bitters. (If you can’t find this, consider adding a couple black peppercorns, a few whole allspice seeds and a finger or so of fresh ginger to your syrup while it simmers).

To prepare the drink, mix about 1 part syrup to 3 parts seltzer or club soda (adjust amounts to your taste) and pour over ice. If you like, add a splash of your favorite alcohol. I had tequila on hand, but vodka would be yummy, I think.


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